Why the Dumb Idea Project

There is plenty of support around "good ideas" or "smart ideas" and the results of that support is the world we live in today. What about the ideas that have no support structure to grow and develop. Every day millions of people give up on their idea because they believe it's a "Dumb Idea". We believe those Dumb Ideas have potential to impact the world.



What is the Dumb Idea Project

A three to four-hour workshop lead by entrepreneur facilitators. The workshop will show participants how to develop their ideas using a unique iteration process.  The workshop consists of 10 to 12 participants. Through peer-based feedback and facilitator moderation, participants will have a clear formulation of their idea and or determine the viability of the idea. 

What The Dumb Idea Project is NOT. 

The Dumb Idea Project does not provide strategy to develop the idea. We will not create a space for business planning, financial analysis, or legal advisement. We are committed to participants walking away with confidence in self, their idea, and resources on how to move ahead if they wish. 


Who should attend the Dumb Idea Project

This workshop is perfect for entrepreneurs, dreamers, creatives, and people with ideas. This workshop is ideal for anyone looking to start something new. If you've had an idea burning in your mind and would like to finally make it happen or determine it's viability, this workshop is for you. 



When and Where is Dumb Idea Project

The Dumb Idea Project will be held in 10 US Cities in Fall 2017 & Winter 2018. 

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Charleston, SC
  • Chicago, IL
  • Detroit, MI
  • Denver, CO
  • Dallas, TX
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Oakland, CA
  • New York, NY
  • Philadelphia, PA

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