Collegiate Partners

The “Dumb Idea Project” is interested in forging mutually-beneficial and sustainable partnerships with collegiate institutions located in areas of geographic interest (Locations) 


Important Characteristics of a Prospective Partner Institution:
- Conveniently Situated in an Accessible Locale of Interest
- Accredited Business School with Campus Incubator and/or Entrepreneurship Program
- Ability to Provide Conference Room Space & Equipment Needs for D.I.P. Workshop (Usually Weekend)
- Ability to Attract a Pool of Qualified Participants (See Who)

Return on Investment for Partnering Institutions:
- An Invaluable Service Offered to Current Students and Alumni for Free
- Professional Development & Career Opportunity for Faculty as Trained Facilitators
- Ongoing Support & Assessment of Viability of Entrepreneurial Vision for Participants
- Access to a Nationwide Network of Next Generation Entrepreneurs & Promising Visionaries


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